How to choose a tree?

The choice should be approached comprehensively, taking into account a number of factors and points. The large trees offered for planting can be divided by origin into domestic and foreign ones.

The advantages of domestic large trees consist in their adaptability to our climate, high quality of the proposed transplant material and low price in comparison with foreign counterparts.

Only German nurseries offer large-sized, whose quality can be called higher. But such trees are superior in price to our analogues three or more times.

Planting material “Landscape Studio A2” takes root better (for trees the survival rate is close to 100%, and for the bush - 93%).

Pricing is affected by the distance traveled. Some tree species are extremely difficult to find in the suburbs. This often refers to the Far Eastern conifers. Delivery of such large-sized plants significantly increases their cost.

Buying fruit and coniferous large-sized plants is more profitable in our nurseries. Here, the growth of seedlings is controlled by specialists.

In “Landscape Studio A2” trees are provided with professional maintenance and care. To make your choice, it is not necessary to come for trees to nurseries located far from your estate. Our "Landscape Studio A2" can send the customer photos of large-sized trees to choose from.

Prices for deciduous, coniferous and fruit trees

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