For the last 20 years we have been improving in landscape design and have received letters of appreciation and feedback from our clients.

If you are thinking about improving your home or summer cottage, please try to contact us for free consultation and to discuss a potential work plan. It does not oblige you to anything at all, but it can significantly help us all in the future.

When there is such a serious planning task, it is necessary to do everything thoughtfully and gradually. That's what we exist for.

To begin with, we try to get to know our clients better in order to compare the created environment with their individuality, inner worldview and way of life, in the future to create a design that would connect external and internal space, combining their beauty and convenience.

By talking and asking questions, we determine what you want in terms of aesthetics, functionality and style. This information will undoubtedly be useful in the future to develop a preliminary draft of the project.

Creating a landscape project, we are fully immersed in this amazing, creative process, and try to make the most of their creative potential, offer interesting ideas and experience of practical knowledge in their implementation.

We have great ideas for any budget

Our profession makes us happy. What's more, our clients often talk about how much fun they enjoy the collaborative design process, from the initial stage of plan development to its final implementation.

To better achieve your landscaping dreams, we would like to meet you at your home and offer you some concrete ideas on the spot. It does not matter what services you would like to receive, from planting several plants to creating a completely new landscape.

Depending on the scale of the potential landscaping work, sometimes one such meeting is enough that we were able to simulate a preliminary sketch on paper and submit it to you for approval.

But in most cases it would be much better to provide a full range of services.

To do this, the following works are first done:

  • an accurate measurement of the area;
  • geodetic surveying;
  • soil analysis;
  • environmental study;
  • determining the groundwater table;
  • accounting for existing plants;
  • assessment of the area's illumination;
  • landscape inventory.

Conceptual design

On the basis of the collected data, a sketch project is prepared "by hand" or on a computer, which determines the general direction of the landscape style, spatial zoning, location of the main and additional elements on the site, the necessary relief work, as well as the general location of trees, shrubs, flower beds, lawns, ponds, paths and small architectural forms. A preliminary estimate is made.

In the future, we take one or more of our favorite landscape design projects as a basis, which are then finalized into conceptual technical plans.

The presentation of the sketch design foresees even closer cooperation. The landscape design plan is being improved: your ideas, your family's interests, your planned budget and future prospects - everything will be taken into account. Cooperation is exactly what allows us to create great projects.

In the process of working design we finalize details, possible materials and ways of work, determine the schedule and estimate the cost of the project, and in general we make every effort to develop a future plan, which you will be satisfied with.

We will design landscape design of any complexity

A complex landscape project will require development:

  • a detailed master plan that tightens all aspects of the work together;
  • arboretum, with a list of species and varieties of plants and drawings of their planting;
  • a full assortment list of these plants;
  • breakdown drawing, with the determination of the size and location of paths, sites, reservoirs, small architectural forms, garden sculptures and other elements of improvement;
  • a planting drawing showing the exact location of the planting sites;
  • Projects of drainage, irrigation, lighting systems, structural units (cross sections of paths, sites, etc.);
  • developing plans for individual elements (flower bed, pond, fountain, rockery, grotto, miniature golf, etc.)

We coordinate all this with specialists in the development of such systems.

We will keep you informed during the landscaping process and if you wish, you can always make changes.

Close communication with the client at all stages of service provision and even afterwards is the key to success, and this is what sets us apart from other landscape design firms.

After all, the main thing is that we create for you a landscaped area, where you can comfortably relax and enjoy nature.

Rest assured, you will be delighted with our work.

Cost of a landscape design project

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