Sale of trees and plants from nurseries of Russia, Germany, Poland

Landscape studio A2 provides landscape services for over 20 years.

During this time we have developed good and long-term relationships with the best nurseries in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Belgium, where we buy quality planting material in large quantities and with good discounts.

Not every company can now purchase plants from Europe on its own, due to European sanctions and additional difficulties with customs clearance.

We propose a solution to these problems. You will receive your order at the lowest prices, without wasting time and nerves.

We work with any volumes and with a minimum commission.

Ensure fast delivery of trees and plants from Europe

The package of delivery services includes:

  • individual approach (each plant is selected exclusively according to customer requirements);
  • order formation (from consultation to the final result);
  • purchase of quality material (an experienced dendrologist - candidate of agricultural sciences);
  • plant delivery services;
  • customs clearance;
  • storage;
  • plant care while in storage.

Prices for deciduous and coniferous trees, decorative plants and shrubs

Sale, delivery and planting of trees, shrubs, perennials - one of the main activities of the company.

In our nurseries in the middle belt of Russia we carefully take care of and prepare trees for transplantation by growing in container culture and careful packing of the root system.

Our planting material has 100% survival rate

A wide range of trees and shrubs, rich professional experience, sensitivity to all customer wishes and loyal pricing policy are the key to our attractiveness in comparison with competitors.

And presence of own nursery of decorative plants in Moscow allows us to provide with planting material more operatively landscape designers and the building organizations. 2019-09-27 17:33:33 Sale of deciduous, coniferous trees, ornamental plants and shrubs from nurseries in Moscow, Russia, Germany, Poland.

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