Visualization of landscape design is the creation of a 3D project of landscaping of the site. This option of representation is very convenient for perception, since it allows you to see the overall view and individual elements with photographic realism.

Engineering plans and drawings used by professionals in landscape work are difficult to read and do not give a complete picture. Even with a good spatial imagination, it is difficult to imagine the final result.

With the service visualization of the landscape customer has a wonderful opportunity to virtually walk through his future garden.

Visualization is also useful for designers themselves, as it is much easier to work out the details, relying on the possibility of viewing the object from any side.

Virtual modeling allows you to quickly coordinate general ideas and details, respectively, to carry out landscape work faster and better.

3D landscape project

The volumetric model has significant advantages over conventional, flat schemes and plans:

  • the best and most visual presentation of a design project
  • the presence effect with an assessment of the location of objects on the site
  • visual representation of the site view at any time of the day or year
  • the ability to predict the growth prospects of trees and plants
  • selection of styles and color shades to achieve the perfect result
  • joint discussion with the customer, prompt change of details
  • elimination of landscape planning errors on complex terrain
  • saving the customer time and costs for possible rework

Landscape 3D site design is done in a simple or complex version. Simple is the visualization of individual details of the landscape design. Complex is a visual representation of the entire project with all the objects and elements.

Simple visualization shows how a separate fragment of the garden will look after landscaping works. It helps to structure the overall composition of landscape design

Complex visualization offers a complete demonstration of your garden, including individual functional areas, buildings, garden paths, rockeries and alpinaries, ponds, small architectural forms, decorative elements, trees and plants.

The cost of landscape project visualization

The cost of project visualization consists of several factors:

  • the number of objects and planned works, the level of complexity
  • image quality and detail of individual elements
  • the number of plans, angles, duration of videos
  • additional customer requests
  • deadlines set

The total cost of the visual design service is determined after the approval of preliminary sketches and coordination of details.

Landscape virtual tour

Design department of studio A2 is always ready to develop a professional landscape design of the site with the registration of all necessary documentation.

These can be sketches, drawings, plans made by hand or on the computer, as well as engineering diagrams and drawings.

But we recommend pre-ordering with us a landscape virtual tour, presenting an overview of your future garden.

Most studios can only offer you a circular panorama, which provides an overview view of the site from one point.

A virtual landscape tour will provide a view of the landscaped territory from a variety of points, with a smooth movement between them and a fascinating presence effect.

Realistic visualization of objects will give you a complete idea of the future layout and the ability to adjust it before the start of implementation, which can help significantly reduce costs.

This is quite a complex and painstaking work for designers, even with the use of specialized computer programs 3D modeling takes at least a week, but the result is impressive.

The cost of a virtual tour starts from 50.000 rubles

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