Trees in Spring Ring containers

Trees in Spring Ring containers

The planting period, unfortunately, does not last long. Who among us did not dream of spring season not ending so early and autumn season starting at least a month earlier? We want more time for work, more freedom in planning the project, regardless of the vagaries of the weather.

Introducing a completely new innovative technology from specialists of one of the best nurseries in Germany. Now short seasonal terms will no longer interfere with you.

Unique offer on the Russian market

Large alley trees in Spring Ring containers

Container plants Spring Ring

Spring Ring is a revolutionary plant growing system that combines the advantages of container and soil.

Spring Ring breathable containers promote good root growth, health and excellent quality of the plants grown.

A well developed root system is the basis of high quality planting material and the guarantee of good planting acclimatisation.

Container plants are ready to be transported and planted in the ground even in hot summer months.

Experiments have convinced us that this technology of growing plants of all sizes gives remarkable results.

Advantages of Spring Ring container plants

Thanks to Spring Ring the landing season is extended for the whole year. Now you can order the planting of trees and shrubs, regardless of the time of year.

The quality and advantages of the Spring Ring system are admired even by professionals.

  • Excellent quality of container trees.

    The impeccable authority of the nursery, the highest qualification of employees and German scrupulousness guarantee 100% quality of planting material.

  • Hassle-free landing even in summer with favorable acclimatization before winter.

    In comparison, the planting season for conventional large trees is from late November to March, when the tree is at rest and its life processes are slowed down.

  • Only corrective pruning is required without reducing the volume of the crown.

    Specialists of the nursery carefully care of each plant, the complex of their work also includes regular figured shearing of trees.

  • Plants are not subjected to stress due to planting.

    The tree in the container is protected from external influences and adverse environmental conditions.

  • Healthy, strong roots without ring bedding for stable growth.

    In conventional, closed containers, the root system tends to ring along the container wall. At the same time, rare elongated ring-shaped roots are formed, which significantly complicate the process of rooting the tree into the ground at the landing site. In Spring Ring containers, the root system spreads evenly in the form of a fan, and no ring-shaped roots are formed. A well aerified substrate promotes root development in two ways: the roots reduce growth in length as soon as they come into contact with air, and subsequently begin to branch and release thin, mochkovidnye roots. In addition, the deep saturation of the substrate with air contributes to the development of beneficial bacteria, which perform an important function of enriching the soil with nutrients.

  • The ability to manage root growth.

    Convex cone-shaped holes in the walls guide the growth of the roots to the sides and ideally position them horizontally. This creates a structure that is ideally suited for rooting at the planting site. This gives excellent survival results, as the roots grow into the surrounding soil in a short time. The plants then take their nutrients from the soil and strengthen themselves in the ground, increasing their resistance to wind loads.

  • Landscape studio A2 is a leading company in Russia offering direct deliveries of trees and shrubs in Spring Ring containers from a German nursery.

    We offer one of the most wide and highest quality assortment of plants grown in revolutionary containers. We have a sufficiently large price list of trees and shrubs, which we can send you on request.

    On sale are woody plants of different sizes, such as shrubs, exclusive solitaires and large trees.

    We also offer to buy plants from our nursery and in traditional containers.

    Contact us and we will select the best plants for you and help you to plant and care for them carefully and correctly.

    Prices of trees in Spring Ring containers

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