We all like to surround ourselves with beauty, and preferably also original. Let's talk about topiary cutting, which will not only decorate and help to beautify your garden or park, but also add individuality to it.

Topiari is a figurative cutting of trees and shrubs to create various garden sculptures and decorative forms from them.

It is a special science of landscaping, the art of improving the area, demonstrating and enhancing the dignity of the site and hiding its shortcomings.

With the help of the topiary style, the crowns of trees and shrubs gain a unique appearance, creating original and stylishly designed parks and gardens that combine some rigor and magnificent natural composition.

Carefully trimmed plants attract attention and provide aesthetic pleasure.

Decorative cutting of plants offers many styles and options - from "avant-garde" to "classic". The main elements of hedges are balls, cubes, pyramids, cones, arches, spirals and other methods of planting and cutting.

The history of topiary

The first topiaries started to be created in Persia and Ancient Egypt. Gradually, this art reached a huge scale, the result of which was one of the great wonders of the ancient world - the Hanging Gardens of Semiramis in Babylon. Then it was practically forgotten after the fall of the Roman Empire, and it was only thanks to the monks that this art reached our times.

During the Renaissance, the tradition of figurative landscaping began to be revived. There appeared magnificent Versailles gardens, created to orders of Louis XIV, gardens in the style of the classic, made in the form of green labyrinths.

Today one of the popular directions is stylizat ion of created figures in the form of contours of animals or people, as a reminder of the harmonious relationship of nature with man. Very popular now art haircut in the art nouveau style. However, the classics in the form of balls, cones, spirals and obelisks are never forgotten.

Green hedge

A hedge can not only frame a site, but also serve as a fence, attracting attention to itself artistically. It's not a very narrow plantation of a certain height. The shape of the hedge can be freely grown, shaped and sheared.

A free-growing hedge is created from shrubs and trees that do not cut well. It is able to reduce the force of wind, so such trees and shrubs are planted in the leeward side of the site. For hedges, also called trellises, it is recommended to use linden, maple, hornbeam, hawthorn, mountain ash, kalina, acacia.

Such fences are divided into one-two- and multi-row fences. Single row creates on areas that do not require complete insulation. Light-loving and beautiful flowering rocks are used. Two-row and multi-row are almost or completely impenetrable.

You have to cut the green walls once a year. Moulded hedges are created from rocks that are easy to cut and give a tight crown. Such hedges can be given any kind and shape: triangular, square, rectangular, conical.

Live hedges are (depending on the breed) soft and prickly, deciduous and evergreen, high and low. High hedges reach a height of up to 1.2 meters and are used for various decorative designs. The lowest are up to 70 cm and are called curbs.

The bookmark of a hedge should be inexpensive, accessible and meet good biological qualities. For hedges, there are requirements for plants:

  • Resistance to bad terrain climate.
  • Easily growing from the old branches.
  • Carrying a good trim and haircut.

How to make curly haircut of plants

It is a creative, fascinating and deeply artistic activity that requires a lot of time, work and patience. Despite the complexity of such art, to decorate the original and modern local parks with greenery seek in every city.

In order to make green figures realistic and plausible, masters use steel rods. For this purpose, a woven wire frame is put on a young plant. The bush should be trimmed when the leaves start to break through outside the frame, thus returning the bush to the desired shape.

Large, sophisticated plant varieties call for thorough and long-term work. For example, to create a topiary from a boxwood bush, you have to wait until it reaches the age of 30 years. After the first haircut there's no good result. He'll show up after the bush grows a little.

Even simple forms of plants may be beyond the power of a common enthusiastic amateur. It is therefore better to entrust this to professional gardeners with many years of experience who have the skills to use the appropriate tools.

The figured cutting of trees and shrubs is one of our favourite services. Zoom in on the photo and see what landscapers can do.

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