German nurseries are famous for a rich assortment and excellent quality of plants. The cost of German trees and shrubs is quite high, but it is fully justified by the painstaking work and incessant care invested in them.

Here seedlings are grown for the future, tempering with regular transplants their stress tolerance, viability and successful survival even in harsh climates and depleted soils.

Some young specimens do not withstand such severe tests, but those that remain over time become a noble elite, a benchmark of quality for landscaping gardening.

The value of a plant from a nursery is determined not only by its variety, age and physical data, but also by the number of successfully transferred transplants.

How to buy trees and shrubs from Germany

It is easiest to entrust this to a landscape company, which created the design project of the site. The company itself organizes the purchase, delivery and planting of plants, but it may have no experience in supplying German planting material, and it will be purchased through intermediaries, which will greatly increase the cost of the project. It is even possible that the plants will be replaced by cheaper counterparts, in which case the appearance and quality of planting will definitely not meet your expectations.

Another option is more difficult — to make your own choice from catalogs in the office or on the internet. German catalogs have perfectly structured classifications, excellent illustrations and detailed descriptions. But due to the variety of types and parameters, even a professional to understand them is not easy. And the photo shows only approximate samples of plants, and not specific specimens. Again, it is not excluded to cheat the customer unscrupulous company with a substitution of plants at the stage of delivery.

The best decision is to see the plants live and buy exactly the ones that you personally like. Even the best photos are not able to convey all the features and energy of the plant, nothing compares to the presence on the spot.

This is especially important when choosing dominant trees for the garden. It is possible that in the future these solitary trees will become friends that your family will be proud of. Agree, real friends are not chosen based on photos.

For the purchase of trees and shrubs, you can visit a nursery on your own, but without certain knowledge and experience, it will be difficult to select suitable planting options. With such difficulty, the plants you bought may not fit the design or even die on your site.

German nurseries focus on wholesale buyers, in order for you to be given a personal manager the order amount must be substantial enough.

In addition, communication requires knowledge of a foreign language, and the local manager will not thoroughly delve into the details of your design project, but will simply place an order according to the list.

It is not always possible to pick up the entire list in one nursery, each of them specializes in certain types of green spaces, so you have to spend a lot of time and effort to study the sites.

Purchasing tours to German plant nurseries

For our clients we organize purchasing tours to the best plant nurseries in Germany with the support and advice of our experienced dendrologists.

Long and successfully cooperating with famous German nurseries, we have created an excellent reputation for ourselves, we know all the features of selection, organization of procurement and delivery of plants.

This trip allows our customers to enjoy their vacation, see a lot of interesting things, fully participate in the process of choosing plants, but saves them from unnecessary difficulties and costs.

Specialists will help you select the best trees and shrubs for landscaping, in accordance with the project, the peculiarities of the climate and soil at the site of future plantings, your personal preferences and sympathies.

It will be especially good if you entrust the planting of the purchased plants to our company, then we will give them a guarantee of survival to 3 years.

The cost of a purchase tour to Germany is determined individually, depending on the composition of the order and the optimal route agreed with you. The effectiveness of the tour depends on the volume and amount of purchases, the more they are, the more profitable it will be for you.

If you have no desire or free time for such an excursion, our studio is ready to carry out the improvement of your garden completely independently, or with your participation, providing catalogs of trees and shrubs.

We have 20 years of successful experience in performing turnkey landscape work, including those related to the selection, purchase, customs clearance, delivery and planting of large trees from German nurseries.

We do not promise, but we guarantee our customers trust, honesty, decency and clear deadlines in solving the tasks assigned to us.

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