What do you need a gardener for?

Modern, beautiful, cozy and well-groomed manor house speaks about the taste, wealth and solidity of its owners. And the professional landscape design, made by specialists, is always clearly visible and significantly different from independent amateur landscaping.

With the completion of a complex of landscaping work on the improvement of our customers receive a fully ennobled and beautifully decorated area for a comfortable rest in the open air, which can be complemented by harmoniously blended garden furniture, playground, to receive dear guests.

However, after a while, without regular comprehensive care, even the most sophisticated garden begins to lose its original beauty and becomes desolate.

If you order the services of a gardener, then maintain, comprehensively care and further develop the garden will be a specialist. And the owners will only have to rest, admire the estate and answer the admiration and questions of guests.

It is especially appropriate when the estate is planned to be used for family ceremonies and celebrations, when everything must be perfectly prepared and decorated.

After all, with good care, the surrounding landscape will fascinate with beauty not only in spring and summer, but also during the beautiful autumn wildlife and merry Christmas holidays.

Gardener services are profitable

Imagine that your plot with the house - it's a city apartment, only the size of many times larger, in which you need to periodically repair, maintain order and cleanliness. There are three options for solving this problem.

Do everything yourself

It's a great way to save money, especially if it gives you pleasure and you know the subtleties of "mulching" and "aeration". Otherwise, it is far from the most interesting and easy task, and also requires serious time and patience. In addition, knowledge and experience in many areas of agronomy and floristics are essential here.

Own gardener

Another solution is to hire a gardener to work with accommodation in your country estate. Sounds solid, but let's try to estimate the approximate costs:

  • salary of employees (from 40 thousand rubles per month for each);
  • purchase of special equipment and garden tools, which require storage space (about 100-200 thousand rubles);
  • consumables (the amount depends on the size of the site, the number of plants and carrying out regulatory work).

As a result, we get an expensive pleasure that can overshadow a good holiday. And now add to this a great chance to run into a layman with a "fake" diploma, elementary dream of a good life at your expense.

Such "grief experts" will easily and quickly destroy all natural beauty of so persistently created design. And if they also demand expensive equipment, which may not be useful at all. Let us add to this the need to provide them with housing, food and basic amenities. In addition, do not forget that they are not robots, but living people who are occasionally ill, they are entitled to rest and vacation, they have their own problems, which, according to the notorious Murphy Law, will manifest themselves in the hottest time of gardening.

The gardener from our company

The best option is to entrust the comprehensive care of your garden and site to our specialists. The range of services we offer is diverse and year-round. With us you will receive a range of benefits and amenities:

  • our work will cost you much less than maintaining a personal gardener;
  • our gardeners have diplomas and certificates, and most importantly, the necessary knowledge and 20 years of experience of any such work, you will be fully insured against the errors of the "bush";
  • we will provide all the necessary equipment, garden tools and consumables ourselves;
  • you will always have a well-groomed plot with the possibility of rest in a variety of formats (barbecue, family meal, children's party, romantic place for privacy);
  • feeding the plants, mowing, watering the lawns, taking care of trees and shrubs - everything will be done on time and professionally. You don't even have to remind us of the need to do any work;
  • you don't have to worry and do more important things for yourself - rest assured that your garden is in safe hands.

Comprehensive garden care

The list contains only the main scheduled seasonal care work in the countryside:

  • seasonal planting of new plants;
  • design of garden plants with decorative compositions;
  • decorative pruning of trees and shrubs;
  • care of plants and flowers, including room care, including in the greenhouse and winter garden;
  • treatment and protection of green spaces against insect pests and weeds;
  • the treatment of diseased plants;
  • fertilizing, watering, weeding flower beds and forming beds;
  • sowing, watering, lawn mowing and other lawn care work;
  • clearing ponds of fallen leaves, twigs and small debris;
  • care for garden sculptures.

We have expertise in the care of specific plant species and in the arrangement of flower beds, flowerbeds, alpine slides and rosaries.

Our qualification is especially indispensable if the site grows ornamental plants and trees of exotic species, for which it is vital that careful and careful care.

Preparing your garden for winter

Preparing a garden for winter is a whole range of measures to create comfortable conditions for plants, providing not only guarantees of their safe preservation, but also to create the conditions for a good harvest next year.

The main work on the autumn preparation of the garden for the winter period:

  • insulation of trees and shrubs;
  • shelter for perennials and crops;
  • the installation of supports under the branches;
  • the treatment of diseased plants;
  • to protect trees from rodents;
  • spraying from pests;
  • whitewashing of fruit trees;
  • sanitary trimming of branches;
  • abundant watering of plants;
  • fertilizing;
  • cleaning up fallen leaves;
  • mulching the soil;
  • drainage system cleaning;
  • conservation of watering systems.

These works must be done in the autumn, before the first snow to enjoy a blooming healthy and full garden in spring.

By ordering the services of our specialists, you will forever get rid of worries about plants and heavy physical work. And we will try to turn your plot of land into a favorite place for family holidays and holidays.

Cost of gardener services

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