Annuals are plants that have a life span of less than one year. Most owners of country houses and cottages believe that annuals are less practical than perennials, because they require annual planting. However, annual plants have their undeniable advantages.

Advantages of flower beds from annuals

Flower beds of annuals are perfectly suited for the landscaping any area. Annuals are more decorative than perennials, since these plants have a brighter, richer and longer flowering period.

There are an unimaginable number of species of annuals, so you can easily pick up plants for any site: with fertile soil or not, located in the sun or in the shade.

Annual flowers do not require special care, constant watering or feeding, as perennials.

In floral arrangements of perennials is easy to observe the correct geometry, perennials also tend to grow and lose the clarity of the contours of patterns.

You can experiment creatively with annual plants, annually updating the design of the site according to your own mood and desires.

Annual plant

  • create a clear geometry of patterns
  • ideal for land development
  • do not require regular maintenance
  • give creative freedom for one season
  • are different combinations and locations
  • provide a variety of varieties and species
  • they have a simple fit, fast growth
  • they offer any color scheme and compositions

Types of flower beds from annuals

Let's look at the most popular options for flower beds of annuals for decorating plots of country houses.

Flowerbed - of regular geometric shape, usually located on a small elevation, surrounded by a border of natural stone or stunted plants. Flowers in the flower bed are planted in the form of repeated patterns, which are often complemented by colored gravel.

Arabesques - small flowerbeds in the form of figures of bizarre forms: curls, ornaments, flowers, garlands, animals. Arabesques can act as an independent floral design or be part of larger flower gardens.

Modular flower garden is created as a mosaic of individual repeating elements-modules, the space between which is divided by garden paths, lawn grass or any ornamental material: gravel, marble chips, colored chips, sand. Each module is a small flowerbed in the form of any geometric figure: square, circle, rhombus, hexagon... For a clearer delineation of borders along the borders of modules, curbs are often made.

Borders are narrow flower beds up to 50 cm wide, which are planted around the perimeter of any flower plantings, lawns, alpine slides, playgrounds. Forming smooth borders, beautiful curbs emphasize the refinement of landscape design and add to it completeness. Flower curbs can also be effectively edged with garden paths or small architectural forms. Flower borders may consist of one or more plant species, usually low to emphasize rather than block the view of the main object.

Ridges on decorative flower garden, which features a long strip along sidewalks, fence or walls of buildings. It is a kind of narrow parterre up to 2-3 meters wide, consisting of one or more plant species, with repeated ornament, but with less clear outlines of the drawing. Sometimes the ridges limiting the functional areas or are used as dividing strips of the territory.

Palisade garden - a small flower garden just before the facade of the house, usually fenced with a decorative fence. An open front garden without a fence is usually decorated in the form of a beautiful lawn or flowerbed. There are no special regulations for the front garden, and complete freedom of creativity prevails in the preference of landscape style.

Flower beds in containers – a modern direction of flowerbed design, in which annual plants are grown in vases, boxes, baskets, hanging planters. Mobile container flower beds have many advantages:

  • easily compose a variety of compositions
  • you can quickly decorate any place on the estate
  • more compact than flowerbeds, suspended ones do not take up space on the ground
  • it is easier to grow flowers that require painstaking care
  • ornamental plants bloom earlier than in the open ground
  • easy to move and hide from frost in a warm room
  • containers protect plants from garden slugs

Mixboarder or continuous flowerbed - is a mixed flower garden where all plants are selected so as to provide decorative effect for the whole season, i.e., the flowering of its constituent plants alternates from early spring to late autumn, and the plants themselves are located from low in the foreground to higher in the background.

To create a mixborder, you need to design its future color scheme and location of plantings, select suitable plants for this, taking into account their characteristic features, growth rate, timing and duration of flowering of individual species in local climatic conditions.

The parterre is the main flower garden of the garden composition, which is located in the Central part of the garden, in front of the facade of the house or an architectural ensemble. It is usually geometrically regular in shape, arranged in a classic regular style and is a complex ensemble of carpet annual flowers, lawn, borders, decorative elements. For example, a parterre may consist of symmetrically placed flowerbeds, rabatok, mixborders, framed by colored gravel and separated by a lawn, garden paths. In the center of the parterre there is often a sculpture, a fountain, a trimmed topiary or a solitary tree.

Mixborders and parterres are the most complex compositions in floral design, so to achieve excellent results, it is best to turn to our specialists with 20 years of experience in such work.

Compositions from annuals

At the stage of sketch design a composition of annuals, we determine its style and color combinations based on the customer's wishes and personal experience. Some of them like the colorful carpet woven from hundreds of bright and fragrant flowers, others like the laconic nobility of a single-color flowerbed.

Some prefer a colorful design in red-yellow-orange shades, where bright colors set up a cheerful mood and energize. Others prefer calm blue-green-blue tones that promote a calming effect and relaxation.

Then, selecting annual plants for the flower bed, we first take into account the desired color scheme, as well as the soil composition, the level of light and humidity at the place of planting. This is the most difficult and responsible stage.

Be sure to pay attention to their ability to survive and frost resistance. Unpretentious plants will delight you with their beauty throughout the spring-summer-autumn season, even with the onset of october cold.

In any case, our landscape designers will try to emphasize the elegant zest that will give uniqueness and uniqueness to the composition of annuals created for you, and our experienced gardeners will ensure the beauty of its flowering for the entire season.

Cost of the flower garden of annuals

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