Large trees and shrubs with excellent health and a well formed root system are the basic, supporting elements to be oriented on when creating a landscape design project.

Large-size trees immediately fill themselves and beautify the territory, form a beautiful and complete garden, in hot times create a desired shade, and in summer and autumn give delicious and natural fruits. But it takes years of competent and caring care to grow a large, adult tree from a small seedling. Of course I don't want to wait, and there's no time.

Let's consider a classic example: You're planning to build a new house or rebuild an old one. Some of the existing trees on the site are usually removed. If you try to replace them with young saplings, then firstly, you will have to wait ten years until their full growth, and secondly, they may not take root on the infertile soil or die in the shadow of the remaining large trees.

Buy trees from the nursery

We grow and offer you to buy such trees from our or a partner nursery. Of course, at the same time we fully ensure a gentle transfer to your territory using modern technology.

We have a wide range of coniferous, deciduous and fruit trees and shrubs. You can be absolutely sure that the tree that will settle on your plot grew in the nursery no more than a week ago. Especially loved and popular:

  • Coniferous trees: spruce, pine, thuja, fir, larch, juniper, douglas fir, cypress.
  • Deciduous trees: birch, oak, elm, willow, alder, chestnut, maple, linden, poplar, ash.
  • Fruit trees and shrubs: apple tree, pear, plum, irga, aronia, mountain ash, guelder, barberry, hawthorn, honeysuckle, grapes, currant.
  • Prices for trees and shrubs

    We offer both common varieties of trees and shrubs as well as quite rare ones. If we do not find the desired plant in our catalog, we will ensure prompt delivery of seedlings from the best nurseries in Europe, with which we have long established friendly relations.

    If you find it difficult to choose plants for landscaping on your site, contact us and we will advise you on the best options that are suitable for design, soil and climate adaptation and other parameters. Upon request, we will send photos and simulate the landing plan. We always have good discounts.

    Planting (replanting) trees from the nursery

    Trees in our nursery are grown taking into account the subsequent replanting. For this purpose, they are grown on well-fertilised soil and during growth, the roots are periodically dug out and undercut, making the root system compact (large numbers of young healthy roots) and less damaged in transport. That's why it's easy and almost painless to get your kennel sizeers into a new place.

    If you try to transplant a normal forest or garden tree, it is likely to die because its root system is large (with individual large roots) due to lack of nutrients, and will certainly be damaged during excavation and transportation.

    Transplanting large trees is best done in winter, when the internal, natural processes of plant life are slowing down. However, in severe frost over -20°C, wood becomes brittle and branches can break, so they choose not very cold days. Early spring or late autumn with average seasonal temperatures is also a good time for a transplant. It's not advisable to put this case off for the summer at all. For a tree that has woken up and gained strength, moving to a new residence is a serious stress.

    To reduce damage to the root system, the tree is transplanted with the soil in which it originally grew. For this purpose, there is a specially equipped powerful car equipment, as it is difficult to do it manually, and simply cannot be said. The weight of the earth coma on the roots is on average about 500 kg, not counting the weight of the tree itself.

    The earth clod on the roots of the excavated large size is carefully preserved, because the future of the tree depends on it. The root ball is made with a serious reserve, its diameter should be about ten times larger than the diameter of the trunk base and its height should be 70 cm or more. Depending on the type of plant and time of year, which is packed in sacks, mesh or wooden crate. On the road, all this construction is gently protected from excessive shaking and rocking.

    When planting, we take into account all the features of a particular plant. Some are less fastidious, others need constant care. The viability of the transplanted large size depends more on excavation and delivery technology, and somewhat less on landing and future maintenance.

    There is a theory, confirmed by practice, that it is desirable to even orient the planted tree towards the sides of the world in the same way as it was growing before. After all, over the years it gets used to a certain rhythm of changing the sunlight.

    Having ordered tree planting services (replanting from a nursery) from "A2 Landscape Studio", you get a whole complex of advantages and guarantees:

    • The cost of planting material and works is stipulated in the contract in advance and is not subject to change.
    • Delivery and landing will be carried out according to the plan agreed with you in advance, observing modern technologies. Our specialists will do everything quickly and accurately, and will certainly clean up the garbage.
    • Final payment is only made after you have accepted the work according to the work report. We try to leave only pleasant impressions and we value our clients.
    • At tree planting by experts of our company the guarantee service for 1 year extends on them, but at the mutual agreement between us and the customer the guarantee can be prolonged to 3 years, with a condition of obligatory service of a site by our experts.

    Maintenance of large trees

    The transplanted large trees need extra care in the first year. We strongly advise you not to save money on this, but to trust our gardeners. In this case, we fully guarantee the acclimation or even replacement with a new tree. In the following years you will be able to take care of it yourself based on the recommendations of our professionals.

    Scheduled maintenance of the large trees is conducted from May to October and includes:

    • feeding the plant with mineral fertilizers and biostimulants for growth and root formation;
    • treatment with special drugs against diseases and pests;
    • watering with crown spraying;
    • mulching, loosening the soil and removing weeds;
    • ornamental cutting of trees and bushes.

    Contact us now and we will tell you how to quickly, correctly and inexpensively ennoble your plot of land with a large trees or to ensure that your existing plantings are maintained by our qualified gardeners.

    Cost of planting and tree care services

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