Welcome to our website, let's meet. Let me start by telling you a little bit about us.

Our studio was founded over 20 years ago. Over the years, successful practice of construction and design solutions has been established: from huge complexes of urban or regional scale to private landscape projects.

The company's specialists have the highest education and certificates in landscape architecture and planning, biology, ecology and soil science, and are well versed in the profile details of these interesting sciences.

The combination of creativity, skill and care for the environment is revealed through our ability to provide clients with projects that bring people and nature together.

We are distinguished by the ability to skillfully use natural processes in order not only not to disturb, but also to try to restore the health of ecosystems in the landscaped area.

Landscape studio A2 regularly wins tenders for the right to improve urban parks and regional complexes.

We are trusted by government agencies and large commercial firms.

But this does not mean a guarantee of "exorbitant prices", on the contrary, such a serious experience gives an opportunity to plan the budget clearly and save extra money for our customers. And we pay no less attention to private homesteads.

We specialise in creating and maintaining all-season gardens that are resistant to the Russian climate. In such a garden, trees, shrubs and plants will live in mutual symbiosis between themselves and the surrounding nature.

At the same time, we try to use plantings that do not require large amounts of water or chemicals, as well as careful maintenance.

Your health and the health of the surrounding ecosystem is our primary goal.

Our goal is to develop and implement an individual landscape design that blends in seamlessly with the local environment and harmonizes with the look of the house, as well as being comfortable for personal comfort.

For this purpose, we always try to take into account the practical needs of people who live in the house, their hobbies and favorite places to relax. In close creative collaboration with our customers, we help them define their vision of the perfect garden.

After all, beautiful garden design develops aesthetic perception, contributes to the education of sensual nature of the artist and stimulates the training of intellectual abilities to interpret landscape tasks in a functional and harmonious space.

Creating together helps integrate the future garden on your site and turn the surrounding landscape into a source of healthy living and inspiration.

Our studio creates and implements projects that will develop and improve over time as a fine wine.

The garden will revive and delight you at any time of year.

For this purpose, we have our own plant nursery, which carefully cultivates popular species of trees and shrubs in the middle zone. In addition, we have excellent connections with the largest nurseries in Germany, Poland and Russia. We are ready to promptly deliver, plant all the customer's request and take care of any plant presented in their catalogues.

You can order seasonal maintenance of gardens and plots, creation and maintenance of any kind of lawn, phytodesign of interiors.

Separately, we offer to buy large-sized trees, shrubs and plants, garden sculptures, finishing stone for paving paths, garden ovens an equipment for watering.

We skillfully complement the natural beauty of the flora with natural and artificial materials and get a plot in any design style for example: cottage, Scandinavian, English, French, Italian or Japanese garden, art nouveau, country, alpine slide, cascade...

You can see a small part of the work done in our portfolio.

Each new task for us is an opportunity to work gloriously for the benefit of our customers. Co-creation accelerates common progress in solving interesting problems.

And our clients thank us for our creativity, friendly attitude and desire for a common ideal.

Let's cooperate and create together a fabulous reserve on your territory.

Photo of landscape works A little bit of what we love and know how to do well