The nature of the alpine slopes has always fascinated with its colorfulness and serenity. The snow-capped peaks of the mountains, the aromas of flowers, breaking through stony soil, delicate clouds, as if covering this unusually beautiful “fairy-tale” corner of nature with their light blanket. Truly, this "work of natural art" has always aroused a lot of admiration in the eyes of people.

Many creative people drew their inspiration precisely at the sight of such fascinating places. Artists and writers tried to convey all the beauty and fury of flowers in their works. Of course, this inspired landscape designers to bring their own real alpine mountain reliefs to life.

With the help of landscape design, people for 2 centuries create this beauty in the courtyards of their houses, cottages, estates. During this time, this art has gained enough popularity, and certain rules have developed for the creation of alpine slides.

What does an alpine hill look like?

Alpine hill is a rocky hill. Its height varies from 50 cm to 3 m and undoubtedly depends on its area. The slopes of the alpine hill can be gentle, smoothly turning into a thick lawn or steep, giving the impression of a rocky cliff. A variation with elements of ravines and gorges is also used. Perfectly in the composition you can enter a waterfall, spring, mountain stream. This will give her a more realistic look.

Where is it better to place a rock garden?

An alpine hill on the territory of a personal plot should be located in an open area so that you can admire its beauty from different angles. Better if there are no fences and trees nearby. In addition, do not forget about the sunlight, which is so necessary for rock garden plants. Most naturally, such a design will look if you place it on a hill, although against the background of the complex landscape of the site, it will take its place, perhaps this solution will be even more successful.

What the alpine hill is made of?

The materials for the construction of the alpine hill are mainly various plants and stones. First of all, an imitation of a mountain peak is created, stones are used, they are placed along the slopes. If you have large boulders, then it is better to bury them in the ground, smaller stones are placed at the surface. In the center on the top of the hill, stones are also laid out. Here you can use as a single block of stone, as well as a combination of various small stones in configuration and shades.

Stones are best used natural origin. Species of stones that will bring some kind of «zest» to the composition are especially appreciated. For example, multi-colored sandstones and shales, limestones, as lichens and mosses can form on them «on their own», and their variety is tufa, which is well suited for planting, due to its porous structure.

The plant is another important component in creating an alpine hill. Perennial alpine plants are best suited, but do not forget about the climatic parameters of the area. To decorate the slide, various decorative and coniferous cultures are used. Thuja, cypress, spirea, juniper, yew, rhododendron, barberry, fir - these are several types that are suitable for decorating an alpine hill. To dilute the composition with lower plants and bright floral colors, plant species such as bream, anemone, wormwood, bluebell, aster, cyclamen, cloves, broom, edelweiss and others are used.

Tips for planting plants

Bright unusual plants are best placed separately to distinguish them from the total mass of ordinary flowers. The latter should be grouped, for example, by color, shape, structure, etc.

The main thing is to pick up flowers so that their flowering is constant. It is recommended to fill the spaces between the stones with stunted plants, this will not allow to hide the beauty of the rocky composition.

Add a waterfall, spring, stream

Streams of a waterfall descending from a high cliff or cliff into a small lake will give your hill a fabulous and unforgettable view. The cascading waterfall will also look original. To do this, it is necessary to organize the descent of water on the steps of large stones, various in width and height.

Fans of more calm water currents can include in the composition a mountain stream flowing down the hillsides. The stream flowing along a small pebble looks beautiful. In addition, a mountain stream can flow into a pond or, conversely, start from it. In this situation, one should not forget about decorating the reservoir with plants suitable for such areas.

The simplest water construction is considered a spring. There are no stormy streams, the noise of falling water. Despite this, he does not lose at all in his beauty.

The inclusion of water streams in the design of the Alpine slide will undoubtedly be an interesting detail, they will revive it even more and will allow us to transfer this artificially created corner of nature into our natural environment in our imagination.

Alpine slide from professionals

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