Landscape design is a whole complex of work on landscaping aimed at creating a harmonious appearance of the garden, with the unconditional use of natural constituent elements. Any active and creative person tries to arrange the environment in accordance with his ideas about comfort and harmony. The creativity of a professional designer can completely change the appearance of the landscape and turn it into a cozy, original and beautiful place to relax.

The basis of landscape design is a garden near your home. Either it will be just decorative, and you can admire a variety of plants in it and enjoy the peace and quiet, or fruitful, with fruit trees and berry bushes. The most important thing is that the created landscape design fits seamlessly into the general concept of the idea, and does not violate the interior style of the house.

Try to imagine what your country house will look like at the end landscaping? It is possible that your family will be delighted with a fountain that shimmers with a rainbow, and that the green alleys rustling with leaves will wait and call for a walk? Or do you prefer to install an alpine hill and a stone garden on it? Or maybe you are a fan of flower beds?

What style of garden design are you closer to: english or french, or maybe you are a supporter of chinese or japanese traditions?

Naturally, for this already in the early stages landscape it will be necessary to compare and take into account the wishes and needs of the whole family, provide for each a convenient individual relaxation and work area, and at the same time try to achieve the highest possible aesthetic beauty. Modern materials and techniques do not limit the ideas of a professional landscape designer in anything.

If the garden around the house is already there, it can also be improved. For example, to break the picturesque flower beds and flower beds, make good stone paths, divide the site into certain zones hedges from curly ornamental shrubsor use elegant fences. You can create a children's playground, organize a place for general relaxation. Even if the garden area is small, you can install a bench or even a gazebo in your favorite place, where you want to be alone, dream or just admire nature.

The main element of the garden is trees, but they grow slowly, therefore, to create a landscape design in the first stages, you can use either large trees from the nursery, or fast-growing plants, which in a short time will close the voids of space and make your garden attractive. The choice of varieties of these plants depends on the light, moisture and soil composition of your site.

For those who love flowering plants, flowerbeds and flower beds will serve as the basis for creativity. Unlike long-growing trees, annual plants will help the gardener to quickly realize their plans and satisfy their fantasies, use the advice from friends and the techniques of experienced specialists, with which you can completely update the color scheme and nature of the garden once a year.

Even the small used space is not an obstacle for the indefatigable imagination of a landscape designer who can use the method container gardening. A variety of plants in pots and baskets, suspended in numerous ways, and vertical flower beds take up very little space, but at the same time they are mobile, that is, they can be easily moved and do not require unnecessary care.

Garden decoration will help to decorate the landscape design of the territory - containers for plants, beautiful hedges, antique objects, mysterious driftwood and unusual wooden products, stone and metal, original accessories and mosaic elements. All this will complement and connect the overall design of the infield together and help make it special and unique.

If you feel the creative enthusiasm of the artist in yourself, you can try to create your dream garden with your own hands, but we advise you to use the tips and services of our professional landscape designers that will take into account all your wishes. Take the first step towards us, and we will succeed!

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