Garden of Cosmic Reflections

In the small Scottish town of Dumfries there is a very unusual garden, the panoramic views of which resemble landscapes from other planets.

There are many amazing sculptural compositions, more like exhibits for scientific experiments, combined with the features and beauty of the natural landscape of nature and skillfully created artificial symmetry.

At the heart of garden project - the basic laws and paradoxes of the Universe, its evolution, harmony and grandeur, reflecting the still insignificance of the achievements of science and human knowledge about it.

Particular attention is paid to spirals that remind us of the stepwise stage development of everything in the world, the shape of most galaxies, or at least the structure of DNA, fractals and waves, as the main elements of the universe.

Walking through the park, visitors will have to go along a peculiar staircase with a length of 25 steps, reflecting the stages of the development of the Universe, from the dark depths of the reservoir, symbolizing the birth of the world, to the modern house that defines the present, solving difficult logical problems, puzzles and riddles.

As in any trip, visitors will have the opportunity to relax on a kind of island - the "arbor of meaninglessness", and then continue the route, observing the metaphorical clusters of stars and little-studied black holes.

For the implementation of the project of this garden, its creator Jenks Charles was awarded the Gulbenkian Prize - the largest and most prestigious award in the UK in the field of contemporary art.

The garden is open only a few days a year, and all tourist income is transferred to cancer care centers built in honor of the late wife of Charles Maggie Jenks, who died of cancer.

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