Gardens and park of Versailles

Not far from Paris is the world-famous palace complex of the kings of France.

The magnificent Versailles garden surrounding it was created by order of King Louis XIV on the site of wetlands with a small hunting lodge in the center.

The embodiment of the desire of the picky monarch was carried out for as long as 50 years and cost the French treasury incredibly expensive. But the result was an amazing miracle, which is considered an example of landscape art.

Landscape architect Andre Lenotre designed the park in regular french style.

The gardens of Versailles are an infinite number of well-groomed trees and plants, flower beds and greenhouses in bright colors of all colors, sculptural compositions, decorative lamps and park decorations, ponds and lakes, between which paved with stone or tile paths are laid.

Direct alleys, symmetrical flower beds and stalls, ponds of the correct form create a memorable appearance of the Versailles park. But here all the objects are located not only according to the laws of geometry, but also with certain ideas and logical meaning.

Each of the Versailles Gardens is a separate unique object, and in the complex there are many terraces that decrease in height as they move away from the palace buildings. And from cloudy heights, the park looks like a huge, but very elegant lace, where plantings alternate with fountains, grottoes, bosquets, ponds and sculptures.

Gardeners take care of them carefully and regularly cut the trees and shrubsto preserve the pristine beauty of the royal design. Particularly impressive are hedges and green walls of plants that surround entire alleys and squares.

The Versailles landscape ensemble covers an area of more than 900 hectares, more than 350,000 trees and plants are planted here. 1,400 amazing fountains, waterfalls and cascades require such a huge amount of water that they are provided directly from the Seine River.

The gardens of Versailles Palace are listed by UNESCO as an object of cultural heritage. Up to 6 million tourists come to admire them every year.

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