Landscape project needed for the same purpose as a house project during construction. This is a document to control the appearance of the site and the consumption of materials. This is an opportunity to plan all the work on the site and the stages of its implementation.

A modern manor is impossible without landscaping the adjacent territory and the garden located on it. The most common mistake is to first build a house and the necessary outbuildings, and then call a landscape architect and start designing your garden.

It would be more correct to invite landscape designer even at the stage of designing your future home.

This collaboration will allow you to take into account the plants available large trees, evaluate the soil, lighting, as well as its distance from the roadway. If there are farm buildings on the territory, they will also be taken into account. A comprehensive approach will not only allow you to order a personal set of services, but also realize all your plans and dreams as fully as possible.

Design will help to properly and intelligently green and landscaping your plot and garden, and give the estate a noble appearance.

When working on a design project, several stages are distinguished:

1. Creation of a preliminary landscape work plan.

This stage involves the following services:

  • designer's visit to the site for its visual assessment;
  • planimetric survey;
  • geodesic and photography;
  • assessment of soil and plants;
  • conversation with the customer to clarify his wishes.

2. Outline design.

The landscape designer creates a hand-drawn or computer model of the customer’s future garden. It can be either a ready-made option or individual project landscaping plot, where the trees and shrubs, lawns and flower beds, paths and ponds, retaining walls and terraces, small architectural forms and other elements will be placed at the request of the customer. Also at this stage, a preliminary cost estimate is made.

3. General plan.

On such a plan are applied all available and future designed objects, including buildings and plants. Dendroplan is compiled - a detailed placement of all plants and their list. The master plan also displays a diagram automatic irrigation system and lighting. Future financial investments, taking into account the volume of work, are re-specified.

4. Conclusion of a contract.

At the final stage, the final approval and signing of the documents on the landscaping of the site takes place.

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