So, you want to equip your site - turn it into a beautiful garden, the one and only, the garden of your dreams. How to do it? How to create a complete picture in a limited space, a complete three-dimensional composition, providing not only beauty and attractiveness, but also the convenience of practical use?

Competently answer these questions and professionally assist our specialists Landscape studio A2 having not only great experience, but also a creative design approach that allows you to find optimal and innovative solutions.

With our participation, all landscape work will be carried out using modern technologies, as well as developments based on international experience, taking into account advanced practical developments in this area.

Landscaping you need to start with a landscape project in which the house, garden and environment are combined into a single composition.

The architectural and planning decision of a particular site depends on the features of the relief, orientation to the cardinal points, wind, water and insolation regimes, soil structure and composition, as well as on the personal preferences of the owner of the site.

It must be understood that proportions and accents, contrasts and rhythms, the sequence of the landscape composition in the process of moving around the site are important for the garden.

Gardening, that is, skillfully designed placement of trees and shrubs will help emphasize the dignity of the site, give the garden originality and unique charm.

Stages of landscape design

If the owner does not have the ability to design the design of his garden on his own, then he reasonably resorts to the services of experienced professionals. They will make the necessary measurements and calculations for landscape design, which will subsequently perform all engineering work.

Usually a complex of landscape services includes:

  • departure of specialists to the site in order to familiarize themselves with the initial situation and discuss with the customer his wishes and preferences;
  • measurement of the territory: this work in areas of small size and with their simple layout is carried out using a tape measure, in more complex cases - using geodetic surveying;
  • inventory of existing plantings;
  • soil and hydrological analysis;
  • determination of the need for drainage;
  • development of several project sketches, so that the customer can choose the closest architectural and planning solution;
  • development of a master plan for the site;
  • compilation of a dendroplan — a planting plan for plants that takes into account both their appearance (color, density, size, shape, flowering) and the requirements of these plants for growing conditions;
  • development of working drawings;
  • production of a center plan drawing: this drawing shows the binding to existing buildings and other structures of all construction and decorative elements, including the leveling of previously made calculations;
  • landing drawing: this drawing includes reference to the layout elements of all seats;
  • working drawings: drainage system diagram, automatic irrigation system diagram, decorative lighting system diagram.

Preparatory work

Preparation of the territory is a crucial stage, ensuring the exact implementation of design decisions on the ground. It consists of a number of necessary activities:

  • cleaning construction waste with a thorough digging of the earth and its subsequent removal;
  • removal of damaged and diseased trees, rooting out of stumps, for which sometimes it is necessary to use motor vehicles;
  • site layout to obtain the necessary geoplastics and terracing terrain, which is associated with the movement of large masses of the earth;
  • marking the site into functional zones and detailed marking of paths, sites and utilities.

Engineering work

Drainage system - the construction of a network of land or underground canals connected into a single complex to remove excess storm and ground water from the territory. Drainage provides a comfortable water-air balance necessary for the normal growth of vegetation and lawn. Drainage must be constructed simultaneously with the planning and preparation of the site. This will save time and reduce cash costs.

Properly positioned lighting will allow you not only to boldly walk lighting in the garden at night. Professional lighting of individual sections of the garden, the play of light and shadow will add some mystery to the landscape and will allow you to discover other aspects of the aesthetic perception of all the beauty of your garden. With a large assortment of garden lights that the market offers, we will choose for you the best option that matches the style and nature of the garden.

Irrigation system

Irrigation system - a necessary component, especially in large areas of irrigation. Modern irrigation systems have a hidden pipe routing system. Watering tips (sprinklers) are located at ground level and do not interfere with the operation of the lawn mower. When you turn on the system, the tips rise from the ground and provide the necessary rate of watering.

Garden care

A garden cannot exist on its own. This is a living organism, an ecological system enclosed within the boundaries of your site, requiring constant attention and care, which guarantees normal growth, development, beautiful and abundant flowering of plants.

Providing such care and care for your garden will help professional gardener from our studio, with specialized knowledge and many years of experience in gardening.

The main activities for the care of the garden:

  • watering plants and lawn;
  • weed control;
  • the application of mineral and organic fertilizers;
  • protection of plants from sunburn in early spring;
  • pest and plant disease control;
  • soil loosening, aeration, mulching;
  • cutting, kronirovanie, pruning plants;
  • shelter for winter thermophilic plants;
  • conservation of engineering structures (reservoirs, irrigation systems, etc.).

If you do everything on time and correctly, and look after your garden with diligence and diligence, it will delight you and your household with its beauty for many years.

Contact us, and we will help not only with practical advice, but also with professional work.

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