In our fast-paced time, a person urgently needs a minute of peace and the opportunity to be alone with himself. Own garden presents its owner this opportunity. After a noisy metropolis take refuge in the fragrance of blooming apple trees. Sitting on a bench near the pond, watching the fickle game of sun glare on its surface, rustling with fallen leaves, walking along winding paths - is incomparable pleasure.


Landscape studio A2 focuses primarily on the creation of such gardens designed for rest and relaxation. We strive for an organic combination of elements of a regular garden with a landscape park and an English cottage garden.

Landing spectacular large trees along the borders of possessions it allows you to achieve privacy, the English landscape style brings harmony and coziness to the garden, and the formed plants, perfectly fitting into the modern landscape, add a touch of solemnity to it.

Also thanks sheared plants the garden looks great at any time of the year, and even in winter pyramids covered with snow, umbrellas, balls and cones look no less impressive and expressive than in summer.

Our company is focused on an individual approach and design in collaboration with the customer, various forms of visualization of the final result and high-quality embodiment landscape design-project.

We carry out direct deliveries of elite planting material from the best nurseries of Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Poland, Russia. The company gives a long-term guarantee for planted plants and implements subsequent care for the garden.

Photo of landscape works A little bit of what we love and know how to do well