In our country, landscape design is becoming increasingly popular. In addition to natural materials (wood, stones, garden figurines and artificial ponds), designers make extensive use of plants. By purchasing seedlings of trees up to 3 years old for planting on the street, the owner has to wait several years until the plant grows and gets stronger. In addition, not all seedlings take root in a new place, and they need more careful care than mature trees.

  • Large-sized European spruce
  • Large-sized ordinary pine
  • Large-sized black pine

Considering that winter lasts long in our country, deciduous crops for gardening are used less often than conifers. Pine and spruce all year round have excellent decorative properties, as they relate to evergreen crops. In addition, all conifers emit volatile products into the air - special flying substances that break the shells of pathogenic bacteria. Consequently, the air near pine and spruce large-sized trees will be much cleaner than in other places.

With the approach of autumn, the owners of deciduous gardens are waiting with horror for leaf fall, because they have to constantly clean the fallen leaves before the onset of frost. Planting pine and spruce large trees, you will forget about unpleasant harvesting, spraying with chemicals, tying trunks, picking off faded flowers. In addition, these trees have a beautiful crown shape, which does not need care and pruning. All modified leaflets - needles are covered with wax, which prevents the evaporation of water, so the plant economically uses moisture in the winter.

Pine and spruce are gymnosperms, they have no flowers and fruits. They reproduce by seeds that develop and ripen in cones. For a person, cones have a decorative meaning. Children are especially happy when they find a lump that can serve as a toy for a while. Also, a lot of crafts decorating the rooms are made of cones. By planting a pine or spruce in your yard, you can decorate a growing tree for the New Year holidays, giving a lot of positive emotions to yourself, your children or grandchildren, guests.

Despite the great frost resistance and drought resistance, spruce and pine large-sized trees are considered to be whimsical trees. They are difficult to take root after transplantation. Our experts recommend replanting coniferous large-sized plants with one of the most sparing methods of winter transplantation. You can also purchase plants with a closed root system in order to avoid injury to the root absorption zone, where the suction hairs are located. Remember that in winter the vital processes of trees are reduced, they are at rest, so they feel minimal discomfort when transplanting.

Pine and spruce krupnomer can be transplanted using special equipment, such as cranes, or manually. The second method is considered more gentle for plants, because it allows you to individually approach each transplant. The transplantation of large-sized plants is a rather complicated process that requires special knowledge and extensive experience. Therefore, it is recommended that the transplant is carried out by a specialist who can save the root system of the tree. The plant will be able to grow for a long time and delight the owner with a beautiful and healthy look.

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