Large trees called trees with a developed and decorated crown. Large trees will give the land a respectability, comfort and a finished look. To plant young seedling trees, of course, is cheaper, but then you have to wait 10-15 years until the thin branches of the trunks grow into the expected fruit or coniferous beauties. It is much more effective, although somewhat more expensive, to buy and transplant adults immediately large trees from our nurseries.

Juniper, thuja and pine are one of the most popular and bought coniferous large-sized plants. These trees tolerate transplanting perfectly, are unpretentious, frost-resistant, have a dense crown and look great both when planting with coniferous alleys and in combination with deciduous trees.

Some varieties of oaks, linden, and maple stand out in demand from deciduous trees. Birch and mountain ash also look attractive both in a single landing and in small groves.

Landscape studio A2 keeps the bar high for supplied trees. Every 4-5 years we transplant trees during their growth. This allows you to create a thick root system, reduces the size of the lump when digging and improves the survival rate of our trees. Such a careful approach allows the tree to acquire a dense, uniform crown in the growth process.

The tree planting technique used by our nurseries allows you to transplant in any season of the year. But the optimal period is from november to early may. The vital processes of the tree in these months are slowing down, it is at rest and the transplantation process will occur without harming the health of even the most “capricious” coniferous tree. Transplantation takes place with the existing root lump, this allows the tree to better take root in a new place.

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