Planting plants with a guarantee is, first of all, an indicator of good faith and a decent attitude of the seller to the client. All other arguments will be insignificant and secondary.

A transplant of a plant - shrub or large-sized tree - can be compared with surgical intervention in the human body. An event occurs that is not provided for by nature. A tree in its life is not able to leave one place and move to another.

For a large-sized tree or shrub, this is a stressful condition that requires careful care afterwards. Rehabilitation, if we continue the comparison with surgery.

Knowing these features of trees and shrubs, "Landscape Studio A2" provides a guarantee for transplanted material for the entire period of its adaptation to a new place.

The terms of compulsory service vary from a year to three. It depends on the survival rate of a particular type of large-sized plant and shrub, and on the quality and condition of the soil, and on how much the old and new landing sites differ in climate. The volume of work and their cost are always determined individually and depend on the factors listed above.

“Landscape Studio A2” can service all the plants available on the site, but it provides a guarantee only for large-sized plants and shrubs grown in their nurseries, which our specialists will personally deliver to the planting site, observing all safety measures for transportation and transplanting.

In case of plant death during the warranty period, a free transplant of a large-sized plant or shrub will be performed. The lawn is guaranteed survival until the end of the season. That is, until November.

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