Today, many have heard about landscaping with large-sized plants. Formed large trees immediately give solidity and well-groomed country house, and the whole landscape design as a whole becomes more thorough and comfortable.

No wonder that purchase of large trees from the nursery with a transplant to the site is particularly popular, despite the fact that the cost of planting material is quite high compared to young seedlings.

Such plants can be planted in single copies or arranged along the perimeter of the territory in the form of a decorative hedge or dividing green walls.

What is a large tree?

Large trees are called trees and shrubs, whose height is more than 2 meters (coniferous) or 4 meters (deciduous), with a well-developed crown formed.

But attributing to large-sized plants only by their size would be wrong. Fast-growing trees reach this height after several years of life, slowly growing trees will require several decades.

It is certainly necessary to take into account the relative age, because the older the plant, the more effort and money was spent on its cultivation. And all the more attention will have to be shown with his transplantation and subsequent care.

What trees can be planted in winter

Winter tree planting allows you to quickly settle in your country house trees of various species:

  • coniferous — pine, spruce, fir, cedar, juniper;
  • deciduous — maples, oaks, lindens, birches, horse chestnuts, mountain ash, as well as fruit trees (apple trees, pears, plums, cherries).

Winter is the best time to plant adult and large plants on your site. Large-sized winter transplants are exceptionally beneficial in the aspect that the frozen earthen lump reliably keeps the root system in its original state. Beneficial bacteria, fungi and necessary moisture are retained.

It is especially important that in winter an adult tree is at rest and will not be subjected to stress, as would be the case with its normal transplantation in the warm season. After a winter transplant, adult trees take root much better, do not get sick and develop further faster.

How is winter tree planting done

The experience of the first successful transplantation of adult trees took place several centuries ago, but, of course, the capabilities of modern technologies make it possible to carry out all these events faster, easier, and with a high guarantee of results.

It is noteworthy that the difficulty of planting adult plants does not always depend on their size. The main criterion for difficulties is the size of the earth coma, which will be dug out together with the coarser.

Large trees are transplanted from the nursery according to the general principle:

  • Any planting of trees and shrubs is pre-thought out by our landscapers — climatic conditions, terrain and soil features are analyzed, plant species and their planting sites are determined.
  • According to landscape design project on the site there are places for a single tree or a group of several trees.
  • In the designated places, the frozen soil is carefully dug out of the pit using special equipment or hand tools. The landing pit is usually dug with a margin of 20-30 cm more around the perimeter and from the bottom.
  • Using a lifting technique, a tree with an earthen lump is carefully removed from the vehicle and moved to a hole prepared for planting.
  • Krupnomer sits above the surrounding earth by about 10-15 cm. In spring, after the soil melts, the root system will lower under its weight and equal to the level of the surrounding soil.
  • The tree is carefully installed in the pit and carefully aligned vertically, otherwise it will grow crooked and may fall. The voids in the pit are covered with soil, compacted and squeezed, and covered with snow from above.

At this stage, no special soils and fertilizers, growth stimulants are usually used - in winter this makes no sense.

With the onset of spring and plus temperature, the soil under the planted coarser is partially replaced, approximately by 20-30 cm, with fertile soil with fertilizers, growth stimulants and additives to accelerate the growth of the root system. Sometimes fertile soil is poured directly into the pit, in the process of planting a large-sized plant.

As snow melts, the process of thawing a root ball can be accelerated with cold water.

Adaptation of plants under new conditions usually goes well. If high quality planting material is selected, there should not be any problems with survival.

Separately, it is worth noting that cedars often take root more difficult, they require especially careful and careful excavation and planting. It is also more difficult than others to take root from deciduous trees in a new place.

Where is the best place to order tree planting

We know everything about the features of large-sized transplantation, this is one of the most beloved landscape services offered by our company. In the nurseries of Russia, Germany and Poland with special care, a wide variety of plants are grown and prepared for every taste and color.

Our experienced gardeners they will be carefully delivered and put to your site with a 100% guarantee of survival, and if you wish, they will also provide subsequent care for them. In the shortest time, your site will acquire a professional landscape look and be transformed beyond a pleasant recognition.

But worry about future beauty and improvement of the territory of a country house it’s best right now, then in the spring the transplanted trees take root in the soil faster and easier, and will delight you for many more years.

You can learn more and order the landing of large-sized ones by phone: +7 (495) 979-93-00

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